Interactive Smart Walls

  • Totally Portable Interactive White Board concept
  • Use your existing Laptop and Projector
  • Mobile Interactive Training wherever you are
  • Drive your presentation from the front of the room

Typically, a fully installed IWB will cost somewhere between $6,000 and $12,000 depending on the size, power of projector, software suite and associated attachments and optional extras selected. Unfortunately these fixed IWB’s lack the portability and flexibility required by many institutions and business houses now wanting to utilise the technology. Present systems demand a one IWB per room installation programme, proving too expensive for most.

HOTS provides a cost-effective and totally portable solution to the IWB. The Interactive Smart Wall incorporates your existing laptop or PC, with a projector, a Wii Remote Handset (Wiimote), an Infra-Red Stylus and a suite of relevant software to emulate and improve on the traditional IWB without the heavy equipment or the heavy infrastructure cost.

All you need to carry with your laptop is a small tripod, a Wii Remote and an Infra-Red Stylus. You can connect with an existing projector or take your own HOTS LED Mini Projector with you, it’s up to you, but it multiplies the effectiveness and impact of your presentation allowing you to train, edit, connect to the Internet, annotate, save and email your presentations on the fly from the front of the room. Do it while it’s HOT & HAPPENING, use your time more effectively, don’t wait till you get back to your office or hotel room.

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