Network PA, Evac & School Bell System

HOTS brings you the Network PA, evacuation and school bell system together that is fully designed and manufactured in Australia by HB Wireless.  This system runs via the Local Area Network and offers the perfect lock-down solution for single or multiple building complexes.  Locations that it is ideally suited to and has been in installed in are schools, colleges, universities, campuses and zoos.

  • PA – EVAC – Period Time Bell & Background Music.
  • Designed with full features system or customized to fit budget and special applications.
  • Systems running via Local Area Network (LAN)
  • Wired ,Wireless (WiFi) or Mixed ; employed MESH Technology
  • Low trafficking occupied bandwidth: less than 150KB (active mode)
  • PA , EVAC or Period Time Bell to single building (class), group of buildings(classes) or all buildings (entire school, college or shopping complex).
  • Digital Sampling up to 128KB, CD sound quality.
  • Evacuation Tone complies with Australian Standard AS2220.
  • Session & Activities log features offer great help in managing Workplace OH&S.
  • VoIP Technology, first ever built & sold in Australia
  • Bell Commander Software offers programmable Period Time Bell to school’s yearly schedule including School Holiday break.
  • Voice announcement for Fire, Emergency and Lockdown to specific building or class.
  • One sound system serving three purposes: PA , EVAC or Period Time Bell.
  • Optional Surveillance Camera can be added to each destination for activity monitoring via additional CNS software.

School Bell, Network PA, Evacuation System

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