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Welcome………we’re kicking off our brand new updated website and blog with some information about our website design and development arm of the business.

HotsWots has been operating since 2010 and was born out of sheer frustration dealing with numerous website businesses. We quickly discovered that it isn’t as simple as getting the website ‘live’ on the internet – you need to get that website found! These days it needs to more than just a pretty design – it needs to be developed or built properly and it needs some kind of marketing strategy and search engine optimisation so that your customers or clients can find you.

HotsWots has a team of technical experts, graphic designers and copywriters who can program, design, write, and do all the behind the scenes work, so that we can concentrate on customer service and project management, to make your transition into online as easy and seamless as it should be.

HotsWots offers a large range of services and whether you’re after a large development project; a Content Management System (CMS) website; social media design (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter); eCommerce site; App or mobile website; rest assured, your business and online strategy will be taken into account to give you a results-focused solution.

Please visit HotsWots for more information or a quote.

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